BCOM Computer has a professional service team to provide in store and on site high quality services at a competitive price. Below is a sample list of services we provide.

Personal Computer Servicing

Basic PC Cleaning

- Basic cleaning for the dust inside the PC and dust on the fans.

Basic Virus removal

- Single pass virus scan on whole PC and virus removed when detected.

Standard Virus & Spyware Scan and Removal

- Triple passes (deep scan) on whole PC and virus & spyware removed when detected.

Basic Diagnostic

- Quick targeted diagnostic to locate the reported problem; then fix it.

Standard Diagnostic (Recommended)

- Full system diagnostic.

- Will check for other potential problems.

- Functional Tests on all basic components.

- Include basic PC Cleaning

Priority Service

- Same-day commencement of requested service when you cannot wait for the standard queue.

Basic Data Backup

- Data Backup with user specified data with maximum of 500 GB data.

Standard Data Backup

- Data Backup with user specified data with maximum of 4 TB data.

Basic Data Recovery

- Recover valuable data without paying the premium.

- Please note that we cannot guarantee of how much data can be recovered.

Other Service

- Laser Printers Diagnostic and Repair

- Laptops Diagnostic, Repair or Screen Replacement

- Networking

- On-site service

Miscellaneous Service

- System Assembly

- Hardware / Software installation

- OS Installation

- BIOS / Firmware Update

- Format Hard Drive