BCOM Standard Warranty and Service

Standard Hardware Warranty Service

•BCOM will provide one (1) year parts & labour functional in-store warranty to all OEM and Retail components, unless otherwise specified.
•During warranty period, BCOM will process the warranty claim with the manufacturer on the customer's behalf; BCOM is not responsible to provide any replacement or loaner product.
•This warranty does not cover any consumable product, including (but not limited to) projector bulbs, printer ink, toner cartridges and batteries.
•The Standard Hardware Warranty does not cover issues which are attributable to misuse of the product, physical damage, accident, repair, or modifications made by a person other than a BCOM Service Technician.
•Original proof of purchase must be provided for any warranty claim.
•In the event of a defective product which has been discontinued and cannot be repaired within warranty period, BCOM, at its sole discretion, may replace the defective product with an equivalent product which may be new or reconditioned. All defective products (which have been replaced) become the property of BCOM.
•The purchase price does not include installation; BCOM will provide professional installation, if required, at our standard service rates. Customers who choose to install products purchased from BCOM will be billed separately for any additional technical support services rendered by BCOM, at our standard service rate.
•Product found to be unsatisfactory, but performing equal to or exceeding manufacturer specifications, can only be returned or replaced if prior written authorization is received direct from the manufacturer.
•All warranty claims must meet the original manufacturer's warranty conditions and policies in order to be covered under BCOM's Standard Hardware Warranty.
•Warranty is VOID if any component, part and/or product security seals or serial numbers have been removed, tampered or altered.

Standard Software Warranty Service

FWith the exception of warranty provided by the manufacturer directly to the consumer, all software (stand-alone or bundle with hardware) are sold on an "as-is" basis without any warranty (either expressed or implied) from BCOM. This includes, but is not limited to: operating systems, drivers, utilities, shareware, freeware, firmware, and applications. If BCOM determines that the fault or problem caused on a customer's computer is wholly or partially related to software corruption, invalid software configuration, or inherent defects in the structure or logic of software, then BCOM may, at its sole discretion, bill the customer at the standard shop rate for technician time spent in configuring or troubleshooting customer-provided software or hardware.
• BCOM does not accept any liability whatsoever for loss of data or software. We strongly recommend backing up critical data and programs prior to returning hardware for service.
• Fault or problem caused by virus or other malicious software found will be accessed a virus scanning fee or virus cleaning fee.
• Usability issues (especially in dealing with operating systems) are not covered under this warranty. Technical support will be billed at standard support rate.
• Defective software media replacement will be replaced by manufacturer, or will be downloaded directly from the manufacturer's web site.
• Customer alterations to system configuration files which result in adverse effects to a system are not covered under this warranty and any error fixing will be billed at the standard support rate.

No Fault Found Charge
• All products which are returned to BCOM as defective, and upon testing have no fault found, will be assessed a No Fault Found (NFF) charge.

Technical Support
Standard shop rate will apply to technical support service. This charge will not apply when:
i. The customer has a hardware issue within the warranty period.
ii. The customer has an active Service Maintenance and Support Contract.

BCOM Price Protection
BCOM will provide seven (7) days (from the invoice date) price protection for all products (excluding sale and promotional items). Request must be made in person at the same purchase location with the original invoice within fourteen (14) days (from the invoice date)

Refund, Returns or Exchange
All returned products must be in original condition (including the original packing material, manuals and any other items or accessories provided by the manufacturer and/or BCOM).
• A seven (7) days refund policy and a thirty (30) days exchange option are provided for all unused and/or unopened products. Restocking fee may apply on products purchased in multiple quantities.
• No return, refund or exchange on any Special Ordered Product without the prior approval from the manufacturer. Request must be made within seven (7) days (from the original order date). Shipping and Handling Fee may apply.
• All exchanges after seven (7) days are based on the lower of either the original invoice price or current price, whichever is lower.
• The original invoice must be provided for any refund, return or exchange.
• No refund, return or exchange for any media, consumable products, software products, and/or Services Fees.
• - No refund, return or exchange on any items sold "as is".

RMA, Delivery and Shipping
All products returned for Standard Hardware Warranty Service must be returned to BCOM Computer Centre at the customer's risk and expense.
• All products will be returned to customer at their own expense (packaging, shipping, handling and insurance).
• All products return for service must be accompanied by a Service Request Order (SRO). SRO number is valid for seven (7) days from the date of issuance.
• Service Request Order (SRO) Number can be requested by e-mailing to westservice@bcom.ab.ca. No SRO will be accepted without prior approval. SRO Number is valid for fifteen (15) days from the issue date. All SROs must be sent to BCOM pre-paid with a valid RMA number clearly marked on the shipping label as detailed below:

SRO # ________________
Service Department
BCOM Computer Centre
15051 - 118 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5V 1H9

BCOM shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or cost to the customer that is attributable to any cause beyond the reasonable control of BCOM, including any labor dispute.
• BCOM liability shall be limited in all cases, whether founded in contract, tort or otherwise, to the customer's direct damages. BCOM shall not be liable for any punitive exemplary, aggravated, or consequential damages resulting from the non-delivery, late delivery, use of, and inability of the customer to use the goods. BCOM is not responsibility for any economic loss.
• Under no circumstances shall the liability of BCOM to the customer exceed the purchase price of the goods and services.

Title Of Product
Risk shall pass on delivery.
• BCOM retains a Purchase Money Security Interest in the goods until the full purchase price has been paid to BCOM.
• Interest shall be payable on all overdue amounts from the date when the payment became due. All overdue amount bears interest at the rate of 24% annually.

On-Site Services
Unless otherwise specified, On-Site Warranty Service can only be provided during business hours - 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Holidays excluded.
• On-Site Warranty Service is only available to accounts pre-approved by BCOM and within 50 km of the city center where the goods were sold unless otherwise approved by BCOM management.
• On-Site Warranty Service calls received after 3 p.m. MST will be responded to on the next business day.

Voiding your Warranty
Customers electing to install products themselves do so at the own risks. Damages and defects caused by incorrect installation are not covered by the warranty on the purchased product or system.
• Damages or defects attributed to misuse, physical damage, accident, repair, or modifications by the customer will void the warranty.

Order Processing
BCOM is not responsible for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to cancel or modify the order.
• All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
• Products listed online are subject to availability.
• Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
• Out-of-stock items will be shipped as they become available.
• Order placed online will be acknowledged and confirmed within two (2) business days. Products will be shipped within two (2) business days after payment has been verified. Orders are shipped to the registered address of the credit card only unless the alternate shipping address has also been included in the cardholder's financial institute records.